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February 8th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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The son of Levaneuski is again fined

Uladzimir Levaneuski, the son of the chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus which serves time now in a corrective colony №22, has received one of these days the decision of the administrative commission that it should pay the penalty at a rate of 87000 rubles. It is already the second penalty which has awarded to Uladzimir this year.

According to the administrative commission of administration of Lenin area of Grodno Uladzimir has broken p.3 item 172 of administrative code by that he «22.12.2005 in the Central market on street of Printers extended at 14:05 printing editions «Employer» in number of 246 pieces which are made with infringement of the established order and not having final data which maintenance is directed on damage causing state and to a public order, the rights and legitimate interests of citizens.» (It is possible to familiarize with the decision text here).

According to Uladzimir Levaneuski, target data in each copy of the bulletin were available, the circulation was no more than 299 copies, and what damage has caused to the state and the rights of citizens the given bulletin – from the decision is not clearly.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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