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February 16th, 2006. Posted in News from Belarus

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The leader of entrepreneurs plans to write the book about a prison life

On February, 15th, 2006 the chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus for the first time for some months has had an opportunity to meet a family on short-term appointment. To vice-president of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs Alexander Vasilev have forbidden to be present on appointment.

To relatives of the political prisoner have forbidden taking with themselves on appointment writing-materials (the handle, a paper, etc.).

Valery Levonevsky has told about awful conditions of the maintenance in punishment cell in which it has spent recently 15 days. So, for example, in law infringement, in chambers of punishment cell practically there is no heating, within day it is impossible to read, write, pray, lie down (it is possible only during a release), to sit down, etc. For infringement of given “rules” it is possible to receive additional term in punishment cell.

The political prisoner wished to tell, why he has placed last time in punishment cell for 15 days, but could not. During appointment there was an escort who as soon as Valery Levaneuski tried to tell about a life in a colony, about suicide attempts in a colony, interrupted him and declared what to speak about it it “is not necessary”. On what basis censorship on conversations of prisoners with relatives is entered, the administration has not informed.

To Valery Levaneuski have been allowed to tell only the official version of its last premise in punishment cell. It has been punished that he through the condemned wished to transfer the statement addressed to the chief of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB about the termination of illegal operation (slavery) in corrective colony-22. But the political prisoner considers, that the administration could think up and more “interesting” version since send the statement addressed to the chief of Penalty Executions Department he can himself, through mail.

Levaneuski also could tell, that during stay in a penal insulator his personal things (about 20 kg) – documents, diaries, the products which are stored at administration of a colony have disappeared. The official explanation of incident is absurd – ostensibly doors in office accommodation where things of Levaneuski were stored have been cracked by one of prisoners who has stolen them. The prisoner is punished and placed for 5 months in ПКТ (a premise of chamber type – too, as punishment cell but with softer conditions), but there is opened a question: what for to “convict” diaries and documents of Levaneuski?

The political prisoner considers, that, most likely, diaries and documents have been withdrawn by representatives of administration of a colony before “breaking” since the information which can form the basis for excitation of criminal cases concerning officials there contains. And to dramatize theft, have allowed condemned to steal to one a foodstuff (including cigarettes and tea) which it could take away with himself in ПКТ.

In January there was information on mass hunger-strikes of prisoners of the Ivatsevichi’s colony. Valery Levaneuski has informed, that after hunger-strike in a colony there came group of TV reporters, but to meet them to it was not possible – it specially moved from one chamber to another.

Valery Levaneuski also has expressed the opinion on election campaign in the country. The political prisoner supports promotion by democratic forces of the uniform candidate and considers that it is necessary for Belarus opposition to continue association process.

The entrepreneur has told and about the nearest plans: he is intended to write the book about the Belarus colonies, based on gone through, and also scenarios to two films. On freedom the political prisoner should leave on May, 15th this year.

Press service of National Strike Committee of Belarus

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