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May 26th, 2007. Posted in Author's articles

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Valery Levaneuski’s reference to delegates of the Congress of Democratic Forces

Dear delegates of the Congress of Democratic Forces.

To be or to not be to the Congress, a question solved. It is necessary to thank all those who has provided an opportunity of carrying out of the given forum. We live in the country, where the resolved assembly of citizens – event, and here the whole congress. It is a little philosophy. These reasoning, probably, will help in many respects to understand essence of the occuring negative phenomena in opposition.

All of us simultaneously are different and identical. Identical because all us are in opposition were brought with interest. All of us is in one regiment. Different – since interests often do not coincide. And it is normal. And in it is a root of all internal contradictions. Adherents also have the contradictions connected with tactics and strategy for achievement of the purpose. All people different and in due course vary, is frequent in the best side.

The problem of heads of opposition consists that they during long time try to impose the values and approaches to other group for the decision of the common problem. They are in constant struggle. Their all struggle is reduced to fights of gladiators among themselves. In a role of the spectator there is an authority and nothing a understanding plenty of people. In the heat of struggle they forget, that the basic purpose of opposition is a change of authority for the blessing of all people of Belarus. It is natural, that special services only help with this dissonance, even often initiate it. Divide and govern.

There is a group of persons which considers as the most important thing – language and a flag, another – the development of allied attitudes with Russia, the third considers priority – cooperation with the European Union and the USA, the fourth wait while the mode itself will fail, the fifth speak about resolute and radical measures, the sixth consider, that only by negotiations with authority (or their imitation) it is possible to achieve democracy in Belarus, the insignificant part has come from mercenary and mercantile reasons. There are still groups of mixed and other values. The some people even conceive senseless dispute what is better – freedom or independence? They are ready to argue on it up to hoarseness.

More than 12 years go to oppositions one dispute, whose strategy is better also who more cleverly. For the sake of a victory over it “brother-soldiers” are ready to part forcibly each other elbows and involve in this senseless struggle the organizations and human potential of the structures. And all it is on “fun” to a mode.

Analyze a present situation. In what between poles contradictions consist in opposition recently? Exclusively in approaches to the decision of the basic purpose.

We have a basic purpose – free, democratic and independent Belarus. This purpose is reached through free and independent elections. Automatically they will solve all other problems, including with dictatorship. The authority understands only force.

Let’s assume, that an egg in which the needle lays, having broken which we shall get rid of dictatorship, lays at top of huge mountain. You will climb on mountain, you will break a needle, and it is no Kaschey, as to a fairy tale. The road is dangerous and difficult. It is possible to be broken from a rock; it is possible to get into a mouth to the dogs protecting an egg. In general, it is a lot of serious obstacles.

Wishing to get on top it is a lot of. On the single or fine groups of chances is not present at anybody. Many tried alone and pairs, even the strongest and clever. They became a forage for animals, because forces unequal. Even those who has suddenly decided not to get on mountain, dogs usually caught up and…., as a lesson to others

To equal forces, it is possible only having united strategy, human, financial and other resources from interested persons to get on top in the certain time interval. Then the victory of democratic forces will be inevitable.

As to dogs it is necessary to remember, that under certain conditions they can to eat the owner also. Such cases are not individual.

Here and we face to a choice, to feed further sentry dogs with altruists – singles or to win, having united efforts.

It is convinced, that delegates of the Congress are united with such purpose and anybody against it does not object.

At conducting disputes it is necessary to recollect basic our purpose is more often. In other words, in the name of an overall aim it is necessary to forget about party, personal and other ambitions.

The priority of opposition is a coming to power by means of democratic institutes. It is possible long and to argue persistently on education of the future child, but before it is necessary to conceive and give birth to him, and that in disputes on education of the child can pass genital age and disappear a potentiality. And debaters will have nobody to bring up.

There are many questions and disputes on real and virtual “shadings” of the involved means. For the some people any sharing without its participation – is some kind of “Apple of discord”. From experience of enterprise activity follows, that in any business jointly is earn much more, than on the single. Many businessmen, and not only, are ready to render the financial help of the incorporated opposition but provided that it will cast away personal and just party ambitions, and will work on a common cause. The world practice shows, that there where the opposition could agree among themselves, monetary streams increase in some times. It is necessary for each politician to understand, that 95 percent of voters vote always for those who defends their interests, instead of interests of a narrow circle of persons.

It is necessary to leave from practice when about monetary streams leaders “order”. Leaders should supervise over minds and hearts of citizens, and in distribution and fund raising the joint body from representatives of the basic political parties and other structures entering into the Congress should be engaged.

About the leader and leadership.

Whether the coalition of leaders is necessary or one leader – always is defined exclusively by circumstances, the purposes and problems.

Some months prior to elections, naturally, one leader of a coalition is necessary. And, the leader not formal, and what is capable of real courageous acts. Why A.Kazulin today is in prison? Because he can lead masses in “fight”.

It is necessary to be the realist to understand, that the present mode can hold on still certain time. Today the opposition conducts struggle which means escalating forces for resolute jerk. From this follows, that it is necessary to create a wide coalition with collective reason.

In this connection introduction of institute of co-chairmanship by an example of the European Union is absolutely logical. In this part care from permanent one-man management at the given stage is dictated by time. The problem can be in the mechanism of functioning and in representation.

It is natural, that co-chairmen it is heads of parties or public organizations and structures, blocks and the fractions formed on the Congress. Heads – for which are real people..

It is necessary to develop the mechanism at which each of them can actively participate in a political life of the country. Between them there should be a competitiveness, and already during work, on real affairs the leader or from their environment, or the one whom they will offer oppositions will appear. Only then this person will be supported by overwhelming majority of voters.

Mistakes of the last congresses with various loud names consist that they were initially false, and their basic purpose was not Struggle for Freedom of Belarus, and hardware games, as « who main ». Who whom will outwit a lot of deputies for satisfaction just clan’s interests.

Delegates of the congress should be defined in the following:

For what do we create a coalition and how to provide active participation in it of all representatives of opposition?

It is possible certainly hardware games and intrigues in all directions, to constitute the necessary and obedient people, instead of those who is checked already up by time, and, the main thing, is the real leader. But then it will be not the Congress, and recurrence of model of present system of authority.

Only that can be considered as the politician from opposition which can find ways for association of the basic political forces of Belarus. If on the Congress the problem of association the prospect of fast changes is if is not present the Congress will serve as the next ballast on a way to democracy in Belarus will be solved.

About public organization.

Rare case when we can gather in such representative structure.

It is necessary to use the given case for creation of republican public organization, for example, with the name « the Congress of democratic forces ».

Creation of the given organization will allow us the lawful bases to work between the congresses, to carry out official propagation and legally to spend organizational assemblies on creation of structures of the Congress.

Legally to make it is simple. On the Congress we vote for creation of such public organization and we create working group (representatives) the person 50-200 to whom we trust to lead constituent conference, to accept the charter, to generate working bodies, to register the organization and to report to us.

About political prisoners.

Political prisoners are people who have given their freedom, a personal prosperity and career for freedom of Belarus. It needs to be remembered. Everyone tomorrow can appear on my place in a colony or on place of Kazulin.

It is necessary to release political prisoners not conditionally, and completely them having rehabilitated. Till now the main political prisoner of the country – Alexander Kozulin is not released.

Therefore I suggest bringing necessarily in the resolution on political prisoners the requirement under point №1: « Immediate clearing of the leader of opposition, the main political prisoner of the country A.Kazulin ».
I support the requirements connected with clearing of all political prisoners and the termination of reprisals on political grounds.

Separate point I suggest to bring requirements about rehabilitation of all political prisoners with a cancelling of verdicts and indemnifications of harm to the prisoner and their families.

By virtue of the current legislation, verdicts which have passed an appellate procedure in all judicial instances of Belarus can be considered by the corresponding Commission of the United Nations. It concerns also A.Kazulin’s verdict

In this connection I offer:
1. To ask ours human rights organization and lawyers to prepare within a month corresponding documents on verdicts of political prisoners for transfer to Commission U.N.O

2. To ask the corresponding commission of the United Nations to provide prime consideration of such applications on political prisoners.

I suggest bringing in the resolution of the congress point also
- About creation at the Congress of constantly working public commission on affairs of political prisoners and missing persons in Belarus.

Separate theme “Missing persons”. I consider, that is necessary to demand renewal of investigation according to cases and to demand acquaintance of the public and relatives with a course of the given investigations.

About some directions of activity of opposition.

Consequence of any dictatorship is an impossibility of changes in the field of development of democracy from within. About what meetings, assemblies, strikes or elections there could be a speech at Stalin, Hitler, in concentration camps, in colonies? Only about controllable and initiated by authority for achievement of the certain political ends.

Fortunately, we still while before do not send in addition, but truly we move in this direction.
The authority was very carefully prepared for suppression of any heterodoxy, corresponding mechanisms which work in an automatic mode are fulfilled.

Therefore the internal factor of liquidation of dictatorship as the basic, is not considered any more. Protest actions, certainly, should be, but they cannot really influence a situation already..

It is necessary for opposition to develop actively explanatory work among our neighbors, in the Europe and other countries. The coordinated actions of our neighbors can play that positive role which will lead to restoration of democratic institutes, fundamental laws and freedom of citizens in Belarus.

The international community, the next states are our friends.
To resist to the coordinated actions of the world community a mode cannot. Its authority further Belarus fortunately does not extend. Belarus people love all over the world and sincerely regret for the misfortunes which have comprehended us.

How many noise has caused only intention, to broadcast the Belarus independent transfers from the satellite to Belarus and the Europe? Satellite aerials began to remove from roofs. The simple example, and speaks about much.

The second: the opposition should leave from stereotypes of work 12-year prescription when it was possible to speak freely that you think, to hold a meeting, spend assemblies. Development of strategy of type, that we shall do, when we shall come to authority – a silly invention which distracts people from real work. It sometimes reminds dispute of sailors of shot down ship which instead of closing up a hole and to provide buoyancy of a vessel started a dispute, they will paint a vessel when will come in port what color.
While any party has not presented the real step-by-step program of change of a situation in the country with mechanisms of performance of this program. There are theoretical calculations which are torn off from the validity and are based that someone, except for developers, this delirium will carry out. All this reminds a known joke.

War. Germans are on the approach to Kiev. Command has gathered and discusses a question how to save city from bombardments. Here there is one of theorists and offers:

- It is necessary to construct and hang up a huge dome above all Kiev then bombs will roll down on a dome and to fly past.

- Yes, it is good but how to construct this dome, yes then also to suspend.

- Well it is not so my problem, I have suggested idea, and you think as it to solve.

Approximately, to such joke all theoretical calculations on restoration of democratic institutes in Belarus also are reduced.

That party or group of citizens which will develop own program of political changes in the country, will successfully carry out it and will operate processes in Belarus.

The congress could initiate also creation of constantly working working group on preparation of such program.

About problems in developments of business in Belarus.

Belarus among businessmen for a long time already is famous as the country of continuous infringers of the law. Who and as fairly is not engaged in business, infringements at him will always find. The legislation of Belarus is arranged so, that allows to reveal the “necessary” quantity of infringements at any check, to add penalties, to excite criminal and administrative cases.
The head of the state directly on TV characterized businessmen as « lousy fleas ». Approximately so it is possible to characterize the attitude of the Government to individual entrepreneur
All supervising bodies are directed on getting of additional means due to penalties to the formal and far-fetched attributes.

It is offered to accept a following draft resolution on individual entrepreneur. In the project the basic requirements of entrepreneurs, which are put forward on protest actions are stated.

The project:

The government of Belarus tries to compensate the miscalculations in economy due to individual entrepreneur. It is 20-th decree of President RB from December, 27th 2006г. And the DECREE of PRESIDENT RB from December, 29th, 2006 760 « About entering additions and changes into the Decree of the President of Belarus from June, 18th, 2005 285 » confirm it since even more complicate work of individual entrepreneurs.

These acts are consequence of policy spent by the government concerning development of small and average business. Acting, in words, in support of development of business, the government, in practice, does everything in every possible way to complicate activity of businessmen. It is last decree of President RB №119 from March, 9th 2007г. « About the simplified system of the taxation », called to soften a negative consequence of the decree №760, does not change an essence of an event.

The decree №760 creates visibility, that the legal person is more civilized organizational-legal form, than individual entrepreneur. In the decree the aspiration of government officials to supervise all monetary streams individual entrepreneurs that in the subsequent to take away them to the formal and far-fetched attributes is obviously looked through and to dispose of them at own discretion.

Today individual entrepreneurs cannot be assured of the future since legislation RB varies continuously, no stability and predictability is present. Official officials approve about blossoming the Belarus economy. But it will not be coordinated with increase of real tax loading on individual entrepreneurs, with sharp increase in municipal and other payments for the population which are the highest in comparison with our neighbors in relation to an average real payment. Individual entrepreneurs in Belarus taxes and other payments in the budget in sizes, in some times exceeding similar payments at neighbors today pay. Today the individual businessman pays in the budget of taxes and other payments of average wages more received by the population. Officials of it have not enough and they continue to increase tax and other loading by businessmen by complication of the legislation and increase in penalties.

At social protection by the state discrimination on a belonging to small business is carried out. Cases when mums involved in small business, at a birth of the child are on welfare from the state on pregnancy and sorts in some times less, than those who work on law-paid works in the organizations are frequent. The same situation is both on payments of “sick-lists” and on other social questions.

It is causes bewilderment criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs to the formal and far-fetched attributes. A vivid example is a case of entrepreneur Avtuhovich who worked according to recommendations and explanations of experts from the ministry. These recommendations in couple of years have been recognized wrong and the person has got in prison for long term with confiscation of property. In the country the system is created, at which extortion of bribes is already norm. Who refuses to pay bribes that get in prison? And, it is not important, as you work and pay taxes, and the most important to find contact with checking since the current legislation allows ruining and getting any individual entrepreneur in prison with confiscation of property.

In connection with the above-stated it is offered:

1. To enter the moratorium on the edition of decrees and the decrees worsening conditions of enterprise activity, to cancel 20-th decree (regarding restrictions on sale of perfumery) and the decree №760 (2006).

2. To enter the moratorium on increase of straight lines and indirect taxes three years.

3. For individual entrepreneurs, paying the uniform tax to cancel books of the account of the goods and waybills with which the businessman is obliged to fill daily (without the bookkeeper you can not understand).

4. Social insurance of individual entrepreneur and other payments in the budget and unappropriated funds to make from the uniform tax paid by it, that would manage to avoid numerous problems with fund of social protection.

5. To reduce the list of the goods which is a subject obligatory hygienic registration and certification?

6. To hang out in the markets stands with the sample of filling of documents of businessmen (cash warrants, unprofitable, etc.)

7. To begin dialogue with individual entrepreneurs, instead of with it is artificial the pseudo-public organizations of businessmen completely under control to administration created by administration.

8. To lower the rate of the uniform tax and rent for trading places twice.

9. To stop criminal and administrative prosecution of businessmen to the formal and far-fetched attributes.

10. To lower cost of municipal services for the population to a level of 1994 when payment for municipal services made no more than 15 percent of an average payment (today cost of municipal services exceeds wages of many citizens of Belarus and comes nearer to average wages).

11. To provide equal social guarantees of the state to mothers and families at a birth of the child without their discrimination to professional and other attributes.

12. To establish the minimal wages and pension at a rate of two hundred Euro, the unemployment benefit and the grant at a rate of not less than 100 Euros a month.

About maintenance of a legal protection in courts.

With liquidation of institute of private lawyers and opportunities to receive legal aid from native, close, familiar, public organizations of Belarus have appeared completely not protected in courts. The state lawyers are very expensive and ineffective. Actually, the state has deprived with the right accused on protection.

On criminal cases by the law the opportunity of the admission by court as the defender of the relative is supposed, but this norm practically does not work, courts refuse in the admission of such defender to the formal and far-fetched attributes.

Therefore i consider expedient to demand from the Government:

- Restoration of institute of private lawyers;
- Restoration of the admission as the representative of the side on case (on civil and administrative affairs) friends and representatives of public organizations;
- To oblige investigation and court to suppose on criminal cases under the petition of the interested sides as the defender, one of native or close suspected and accused.

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