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March 16th, 2007. Posted in Author's articles

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The president is not necessary to Belarussians

It’s again 16th. Belarus – the unique country in the world where this day mourning candles every month are lit, recollect the missing politicians and clearing political prisoners demand. Openly these people yet do not shoot. But already basically can. The law allows.

And it is literally for a day, on March, 15th, there was a state holiday of Belarus – the Constitution day. But anybody for some reason about this holiday does not know, and if knows, precisely “does not celebrate”. It’s except for, maybe, representatives of authority. In 1994 the Constitution of young republic has been accepted. As was plans and hopes much. Belarus had an opportunity to become the leader of economic and political reforms, developments of democracy. The country has sighed from a communistic yoke. We argued up to a hoarseness.

We considered, that in disputes the true will be born. In this euphoria of freedom we could not see even in a terrible dream that will occur to Belarus, with all civil freedom of all in 12 years, and all owing to one person. He has achieved what he wanted. Now Belarus is the unique country in the Europe which the dictator corrects, groups of special purpose disperse peace demonstrations, candidates for presidents and heterodoxies leave terms in prisons. The set Lukashenka’s a mode is huge: political prisoners, the political persecutions, the missing politicians, squadrons of death, mass beating of representatives of the Supreme legislature and simple citizens, destruction of political opponents, universal corruption, absence of branches of authority, destruction of a freedom of speech, freedom of carrying out of peace meetings and assemblies, poverty, monopolization of mass media and …. a daily deceit.

All economy and resources of the country, life of citizens depend on whim of one person, the one who should be the guarantor of the Constitution. Those who approved the Constitution have dispersed. The text of the Constitution has partially changed, and treats it only one person can now. Decrees and decrees became above the law. Cheap vodka is a lot of vodka in each shop. Stupid biological existence of the person is in every possible way welcomed and encouraged. Start up drink – the main thing that would not think. The nation accustom to drinking, then select children and housing. The children’s home is better, than parents? The children’s home is a smithy of the staff for prison. The prison will correct parents and will force to contain children? It’s again boxes – in prison it is not even low-paid work. How many still families it will be destroyed also nurseries fates it is crippled unimportantly, the main thing to be kept at authority.

There is a huge army on suppression of heterodoxy. The fear and lie have impregnated all society. Whether we thought of these 12 years ago? No. Anyway – the majority of us did not It’s hard and sadly to realize all this. It becomes insulting, that 12 years of a life have departed to a precipice. The idea involuntarily comes, and than occupation differs from dictatorship? The answer is not present.

And in fact all could be in another way if have not entered then a post of the president. Whether the president is necessary to Belarus? Have made then a historical mistake – have entered a post of the president. To us would suffice prime-minister of minister who got out parliament and him was accountable. The history has shown that the president is absolutely unnecessary institute of authority in Belarus, unprofitable and inefficient. The legislative assembly will suffice us. It is unimportant, as it will refer to – as the Supreme body or the House of Representatives.

The post of the president should be abolished. It is not necessary to Byelorussians. The earlier we shall correct this mistake; the we shall more quickly stop degradation of the nation. It is obvious.

Valery Levaneuski

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