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March 6th, 2007. Posted in Interviews

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Valery Levaneuski: «This year we will spend more than ten actions»

The Belarus information-analytical Internet newspaper. On March, 5th in Minsk adjusting conference of association “For free business” on which participants have discussed a plan of action on the near future has taken place, and entrepreneurs prepare for national strike on March, 25th. With the leader of Strike Committee, former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski talks correspondent of
- Valery Stanislavovich, recently entrepreneurs again oppress with new decrees and decrees. Why, in your opinion, cut a hen who bears gold eggs?
- Tne thing is, the authority actually uses entrepreneurs as pumps which fleece at the population, and then the state under various pretexts pumps over them to itself. State Social policy was and is still a business’s suffocation, and once somebody Sazonov heading earlier the Ministry of entrepreneurship, has told even: a pier, we would clean you for a long time, but yo put you there is no place. To our state entrepreneurs are not favourable, rich people and a layer which would have a property are not necessary. It is a problem not only our country, but any where there is a dictatorship. The capital is free in the acts, and dictatorship of it does not love.

- In due time you have got for a lattice …
- They have put in prison me, have put in prison the active worker of entrepreneurs Vasiliev. It was necessary to disorganise structures which tried to protect somehow individual entrepreneurs and, it is necessary to give due, the authorities have managed in this plan to succeed. But now there is a return process, representatives of Incorporated civil party create a political wing of entrepreneurs, and I welcome it.

- Will how much strongly will strike on entrepreneurs last decrees and the decrees signed by Alexander Lukashenka?
- Entrepreneurship is simply liquidated as an activity kind because, basically, that offers us now and the Ministry of Economics, and the government is a bluff. In this case it is necessary either to be closed, or to search for roundabout business ways. Procedures very sharply become complicated and the tax loading increases, any enterprise activity will be strongly braked.

- Republican association “Prospect” searches for dialogue with the authorities. Basically, it is possible?
- No, certainly. Yet there will be no force position, yet there will be no protest actions and entrepreneurs will not learn themselves to protect, dialogue will not be. The primary goal of the state – not to allow to rise to business. After all so-called dialogues are conducted any more the first year, but every year a situation only worsens.

- You consider, what the exit on street – is a way out?
- Certainly. Meetings, strikes, protest actions is, perhaps, unique exit because any power is afraid of force. And here then negotiating processes, I think, will go absolutely under other scenario. And then really there will be real offers, instead of that chatter which sounds the last half a year. Reached that from entrepreneurs come “peregovorshchiki”, and about them wipe feet officials at all the higher, and an average level.

- Valery Stanislavovich, and entrepreneurs are ready to strike?
- So we after all also prepare. There are no people unprepared, there are people with whom we yet did not work. By and large, there is a problem only in knowledge. For example, if to take Minsk the capital percent on 40 is ready to leave today on street though by the summer number, I think, will increase twice. With people it is necessary to work. There is a category of politicians which think, that they will throw a call and behind them all will run. Will not run. Entrepreneurs are clever enough layer of people which on slogans do not give in. But all perfectly understand and are ready to protect itself and the rights. We now revive the Belarus union of entrepreneurs, we will work over creation of Economic party… Today all structures which exist, unite less than 1 percent of businessmen – as a rule, they are not included neither into parties, nor in public organisations. Here with this category of people also it is necessary to work.

- For March, 12th, meeting is planned for March, 25th – strike… It was your initiative?
- Yes, washing, but owing to that I have a previous conviction, to me all the same would give up in any meetings and meetings. But we accept the most effective participation in preparation for these actions, we are going to spend same in Grodno on March, 19th. And on March, 25th, I think, the most part of entrepreneurs will come to support political parties and as we plan, on dialogue with Alexander Lukashenka.

- Consider, that he will come?
- The hope dies last. Himself will come or “guys” will send with riot police- same it is his will. As, in my opinion, the next months the power hardly will make concessions to businessmen. Because courageous statements of officials, that they are not afraid of any meetings of entrepreneurs, say that they not so seriously perceive movement which starts to rise. But, I think, within several months we will change a situation. This year we will spend not less than ten actions, and I am full of optimism.

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