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September 12th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Mother has achieved daughter’s dismissing

September has pleased the Tzaran family from Grodno with happy news. From the female colony has returned Margarita who was condemned in March, 2007 for 4 years.

The presidium of the Grodno regional court has counted the convincing defenses and has satisfied the protest of judge. The verdict was changed. It’s remarkable, the mother acted as defender on this case. She still doesn’t believe in such luck. Taking an opportunity, she would like to thank everyone, who take part in her daughter’s dismissing from the colony. Her arguments have been heard and considered. We shall remind, that more than 120 teachers and students of Grodno State University and Grodno lyceum were asked about mitigation of verdict.

The situation with Tzaran M.O. was considered at a level of Ministry of Internal affairs of Belarus and the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Belarus.

Now Margarita passed a rate of adaptation. She is still in a condition of shock and becomes isolated, when somebody try to ask her about position of prisoners in the female colony. She is afraid. She can be understood many women, who has there approved, the woman work hard with no day offs, in inhuman conditions, without a real payment. The salary in some thousand of BR is a big success in a “zone” (prison). The humiliating form of slavery. It’s forbid to women to have spare underwear.
As mother tells she has been compelled to address in writing to a management of Department of execution of punishments, of Ministry of Internal affairs of Belarus and to a management of colony with the request to transfer her daughter for other work (Margarita worked in sewing factory). Yang girl has very bad eye-sight from childhood (0,06), so she doesn’t see even a little and there was a danger of full loss of sight. Before the dismissing from a colony she has transferred for easier work.

The information:
Tzaran Margarita Olegovna, was born in Grodno, has with distinction finished school and lyceum, at receipt in university has collected the greatest quantity of point from all acting on the budgetary form of training and has excellent estimations during all study before arrest. She is exclusively positively characterized in a place of study. High moral qualities are notes in all characteristics. Some of them:
… Tzaran Margarita is unusually sensitive, sympathetic person, ready to come to the aid of any who requires her. Very fair, exacting to herself and another.
… Margarita is unusual person, the world would be much better, if in it was more such people.

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