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October 24th, 2007. Posted in Interviews, News from Belarus

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“Money of entrepreneurs will go to presidential fund for which activity anybody never reports”

The president of Belarus has signed the decree 527, in conformity with which businessmen will direct indemnification for the damage put to historical and cultural values, to presidential fund. One of leaders of enterprise movement Valery Levaneuski considers an innovation as the veiled tax and does not exclude a new wave of redistribution of the property.

The decree №527 provides payment of deductions for enterprise activity which renders direct influence on historical and cultural value or zones of protection of immovable material historical and cultural value, and also payment of indemnifications for caused damage, is informed on a site of the president. The document establishes cases and the order of payment of deductions and defines state bodies which carry out the control and take corresponding measures at nonpayment of indemnifications. Means of businessmen will go to fund of the president of Belarus on support of culture and art from which under the decision of council of fund will go on performance of actions on protection of a historical and cultural heritage.

- Actually is a new kind of the tax. “Only its submission is veiled, – one of leaders of enterprise movement Valery Levaneuski has told to “Salidarnast”. – And money of entrepreneurs will go not to the budget of the country, and in presidential fund for which activity anybody never reports to us. Besides it is possible, is becoming the next wave of redistribution of the property. One of the buildings removes representing a historical value, others – to occupy. The person in fact can be laid down in such conditions when to him will be unprofitable to be engaged in enterprise activity”.

The interlocutor has added, that businessmen and before signing the decree made deductions concerning the objects representing historical and cultural value.

- Or paid the raised rent, or deducted means for repair work of buildings. The most interesting, that this decree has appeared, suddenly: it was not studied anywhere, not coordinated, – Valery Levaneuski has summed up.

Tatyana Shahnovich, “Salidarnast”

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