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October 10th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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To Kazulin – the Nobel Prize!

Valery Levaneuski has acted with the civil initiative on promotion in candidates on the Nobel Prize of the world of Alexander Kazulin in 2008. The former political prisoner and the leader of entrepreneurs consider that Alexander Kazulin is worthy the Nobel Prize of the world, as the fighter for freedom of Belarus people.

The main political prisoner of Belarus A.Kazulin has offered the ministerial post, the well-being and freedom for the democratic future of our people. Valery Levaneuski considers, that the feat of the irreconcilable fighter with last dictatorship in the Europe remains for ever in history of the newest history of Belarus and the nominee ex-candidate for presidents of Byelorussia will take the worthy place level with other dear competitors of this prestigious premium.

Besides in Valery Levaneuski’s opinion, procedure of promotion in competitors of the Nobel Prize of the world will allow to pay attention once again of the international public to problems of political prisoners in Belarus and A.Kozulin will allowed not only to receive desirable freedom, but also to be completely rehabilitated.

Valery Levaneuski has declared creation of organizing committee on promotion on reception of the Nobel Prize of A.Kazulin. Procedure of promotion of the candidate provides the certain legal and formal procedures.

At the moment Valery Levaneuski has addressed to leading politicians, public figures, entrepreneurs, establishments, associations, citizens of Belarus, diplomats, members of National assembly and the governments of the States, members of the international courts, persons, who had the Nobel Prize, with the post card about support of the given civil initiative in the Norwegian Nobel committee which is responsible for selection of candidates.

The note:

Alexander Kazulin – the professor, the doctor of sciences, the academician of Academy of education of Byelorussia, the academician of the International academy of the higher school, the honorable professor of the Moscow state university of a name of M Lomonosov, vice-president of the Peter academy of sciences and arts, chairman of the Society “Belarus-Austria”, the leader of the Belarus social-democratic party (Gramada).

The former candidate for presidents of Byelorussia Alexander Kazulin is thrown for a lattice for the organization of protest actions against falsification of presidential elections in Day of Will on March, 25th, 2006. On July, 13th the Minsk court has sentenced Alexander Kozulina to 5, 5 years of imprisonment. In prison Alexander Kozulin has gone on hunger strike, demanding consideration of the Belarus question in Secutiry council of the United Nations. The political prisoner starved 53 days, having lost more than 40 kegs of weight and irrevocably having undermined health. The courageous politician has achieved the purpose – the representative of the USA has lifted Belarus a question in Security Council of the United Nations. Alexander Kozulin is recognized by «The International Amnesty » the Prisoner of Conscience.


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