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October 12th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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The third complaint from political prisoners of Belarus in the commission of the United Nations

The complaint is submitted to Committee of the United Nations under human rights in occasion of infringement of the rights of the ex-candidate in presidents of Belarus of Alexander Kazulin. About it on October, 11th at press conference of the public commission «Free Kazulin and other political prisoners”was informed by the A.Kazulin’s daughter Olga.

As she said, on October, 11th she and formerA.Kazulin’s lawyer Igor Rynkevich have transferred in representation of the United Nations in Belarus the complaint to infringements of the rights of the oppositional politician. Subsequently this complaint should act in Committee of the United Nations under human rights.

“In the complaint we mark, that criminal case concerning my father is politically reasoned. We ask Committee of the United Nations under human rights quickly to consider the Kozulin’s case, to achieve his clearing from a jail and we demand from Byelorussia to pay to him moral and a material damage at a rate of two millions Euro”, – has declared O. Kazulina.

“Two million Euro not such greater sum for the state, considering, what sufferings have caused the father. And not only as to the father, but also as to the candidate for presidents and as to the citizen of Byelorussia”, – has noted O. Kazulina.

“My father should be saved. And I hope that Alexander Kazulin’s case well-known in the world. Therefore I count, that the Committee under human rights in the extraordinary order will consider this complaint “, – O. Kazulina has told.

Let’s remind that it already the third complaint from political prisoners on an illegal verdict of the Belarus courts on political grounds in the commission of the United Nations. The account to these complaints was opened by known political prisoner Valery Levaneuski in the summer of 2007, then in the United Nations the prisoner of conscience and political prisoner Alexander Vasilev has addressed.

In Valery Levaneuski’s opinion, every politically resoned verdict of court should be appealed against in the commission of the United Nations. It desire of the Belarus authorities to put people for their political activity will cool. « Complaints it is necessary to submit not only on verdicts of courts, but also on decisions of courts about attraction of citizens to the administrative responsibility in the form of administrative arrest and penalties on political grounds », – Valery Levaneuski has noted.

Valery Levaneuski considers that human rights organizations should participate more actively in this process and lead up all illegal verdicts and decisions of the Belarus courts to consideration in the commission of the United Nations. As it is procedure it is simple and does not demand payment of duties for submission of such complaints.

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