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June 8th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Lawyers of Belarus refuse to citizens in rendering legal aid

Valery Levaneuski has faced with a “unexpected” problem for itself. Under the law the citizen of Belorus at disagreement with a verdict of court on criminal case can address with the complaint in Committee under human rights of the United Nations. In this question lawyers in Belarus are obliged to render legal aid. Private lawyers in Belarus are liquidated, and state do not wish to prosecute such subjects.

In March, 2007 Valery Levaneuski has paid services to the lawyer of legal consultation October area of Grodno at a rate of 300000 (three hundred thousand) the Belarus troubles for drawing up of the reference in the United Nations, the court connected with a verdict Lenin area of Grodno from 9/7/2004 for the so-called insult of the president of Belarus.

The lawyer till now has not made anything. And apparently, to him do not allow it to do. Valery Levaneuski has addressed by phone with the similar request to heads of legal counseling of Lenin area of Grodno and in regional faculty of advocates they amicably answer, that they are not engaged in preparation of such complaints for any money.

Here such paradox of the Belarus legal system. In Belarus lawyers have the right to render citizens legal aid only, and lawyers refuse to render such help.

Information can be guided by phone:

72-32-78 – legal consultation October area of Grodno.
738071 legal counseling of Lenin area of Grodno
738027 Kozyreva (the vice-president of presidium of Bar of area)

The note: in Belarus in the legislative order have forbidden institute of private lawyers, rendering of legal aid to citizens private persons, public organizations on civil, administrative and to criminal cases. The uniform monopolist on rendering legal aid – “the state lawyers” who render legal aid at own discretion, very expensively and poor is created. For example, presence within one hour per court of the lawyer can manage in 400.000 (four hundred thousand) rubles with zero result.

When there was an institute of private lawyers to state lawyers nobody addressed, and they lived in misery. Now the “state” lawyers under the law became monopolists and, basically, pretend, that help citizens, extorting at addressed for legal aid last money.

The state lawyers united in board, board are anyhow subordinated to the state. Any objectionable lawyer can be excluded instantly to formal attributes from board and will cease to be the lawyer.

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