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June 16th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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On June, 16th – Day of support of political prisoners and solidarity with them

Political prisoners today are kept in the Belarus prisons and insulators. All these people have suffered for the political views; they struggled for freedom of our country and today as never, require our solidarity. The quantity of political prisoners is measured in Belarus in hundreds. In Belarus for a long time there was norm a falsification administrative and criminal case. Before any significant events (elections, peace meetings, etc.) representatives of opposition are unjustly arrested in the street that ostensibly go and swear obscene abuse and punished in the form of administrative arrest (till 25 day). It is done that they could not take part in planned actions.

Alongside with administrative punishments in the form of heavy fines and administrative arrest till 25 day, citizens of Belarus for the political convictions and peace demonstrations are exposed also to criminal prosecutions in the form of arrest, restrictions of freedom, imprisonments.

Besides as shows global and Belarus experience, to families of political prisoners refined methods of influence, as a rule, are applied, members of families are exposed to the psychological “processing” directed on destruction of socially useful communications and on disintegration of family attitudes, native and close to political prisoners people cannot find work, often have no means of subsistence.

The basic purpose of special services – is to break moral spirit of political prisoners, their will, to crush their souls, for ever to discompose and from political strike. Special services do not disdain thus anything, including, “to help” to become the addict or the alcoholic, to get in mental asylum or on a cemetery, to make immoral acts which can lead to disintegration of families.

The public resonance, support, is more necessary not only that who on itself has already tested all of charm of Belarusian «democracy”, but also that whom it can concern in the near future.

Actions with the requirement to release pass the Belarus political prisoners in Belarus and all over the world. We address to you with the request to write letters to political prisoners and those who was already released. During this period of a life our support is very necessary to them. Support fighters for freedom! Especially those who now are in the conclusion.

The former political prisoner
Valery Levaneuski.

Political prisoners of Belarus –

Any political prisoner can be sent the letter to the electronic address: zone @

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