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November 20th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Entrepreneurs protest

About two thousand individual entrepreneurs have taken part in meeting which has passed on November, 19th in park of Friendship of the people in Minsk. The action has been authorized by the city authorities and organized by entrepreneurs. Besides individual entrepreneurs was trading in Minsk and some other cities of the country.

«The basic problem for individual entrepreneurs today is to achieve cancellation of point 1.1 of the decree №760 about hiring by individual entrepreneurs of workers only from among near relations», – informs Belapan. Besides, in the private unitary enterprises have passed 3-5 % from more, than 200 thousand individual entrepreneurs.

Action was accompanied by humor and irony. Participants of meeting held headers with slogans:
- «The law on polygamy Is demanded»,
- «I Search for the husband»,
- «The Considerable quantity of children after 18 years is welcomed»,
- «Sellers are required. Adoption is guaranteed»,
- «Relatives are not present». I sell a booth “,
And also headers with citations from Alexander Lukashenka’s performances:
- «Not to worsen a working condition of individual entrepreneur and to create stable tax conditions for small-scale business development in Belarus»,
- «Should not suffer neither entrepreneurs, nor people working for them»,
- «Private unitary enterprises – is the Official the Oppressor of the entrepreneurs».
Representatives of the Minsk authorities and employees of militia observed of meeting of entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs have made an application in Minsk executive committee about carrying out of meeting of the protest on December, 10th, 2007, but already on the October area of Minsk. «There is closer New Year holiday, there is more meetings of entrepreneurs», – the leader of the Belarus entrepreneurs Valery Levaneuski marks.

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