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December 19th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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In Belarus there has passed strike of entrepreneurs

In Belarus there has passed strike of entrepreneursThe Belarus entrepreneurs have spent one-day national strike. Among requirements – cancellation of the presidential decree according to which individual entrepreneurs can involve as hired workers only members of a family and near relations.
As Freedom Radio transfers, in Minsk practically faded one of the largest trading markets in stadium “Dynamo” territory – some shops worked only. In Brest national strike have been supported by about 10 thousand persons. Among them entrepreneurs and their hired workers of 16 trading objects are. In Gomel on December, 19th in support of national strikes have not come to work more than half of entrepreneurs of a city. On the largest, «The Central market» where work about two thousand entrepreneurs, places were empty on 90 %. In Grodno two largest markets – «Southern» and «Crown» do not work. Entrepreneurs in other cities of Belarus have not come to work.

According to organizers of national strike, in the action will take part 50-60 thousand persons. All of them protest against the decree of the president of Belarus according to which individual entrepreneurs since January, 1st, 2008 can use as hired workers only near relations.

Active workers of enterprise movement support the termination of reprisals concerning the leaders of enterprise movement condemned for carrying out of meeting on December, 10th on the October area of Minsk. From six organizers four have received various terms of administrative arrests.

Except economic requirements the most part of entrepreneurs makes political demands – resignation of the President and the Government.
Strike can renew since January, 1st, 2008 if the authorities of Belarus do not go on compromise with entrepreneurs in the economic block of requirements, and will not stop reprisal concerning active workers of enterprise movement.

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