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March 14th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Authorities of Grodno are afraid of meetings?

The decision 166 from March, 13th, 2007 the Grodno city executive committee has given up in the sanction to carrying out of meeting in a of Grodno of 3/19/2007. In the refusal the Executive Committee of the City specifies the sanction of meeting, that authorities of city together with organizers are not capable to provide safety of citizens at quantity of participants on meeting in 800 people. It it is no wonder since law enforcement bodies, probably, are occupied by another matters: political investigation, detention of the citizens going on meeting to Minsk, etc. by affairs. Thousand employees of militia and other services are involved in a policy.

For the organization of safety on meeting of people does not suffice. Though only in a of Grodno number of militia, armies exceeds some thousand person. What for we contain such army of militiamen if they not in a condition to provide the order on small action?

In Valery Levaneuski’s opinion, the Grodno authorities have decided to be reinsured and have not allowed acting to businessmen with economic, political and other requirements to authority. The authority so is intimidated, that is afraid of any open discussion of the problems which have collected in a society. Organizers of meeting and Valery Levaneuski do not despair – they will repeatedly submit applications for carrying out of meetings in a of Grodno and in other cities of Belarus. With each refusal of authority will show the feebleness and uselessness. Only panic fear it is possible to explain that circumstance, that thousand militiamen cannot provide the order on meeting in 800 people in the regional center in a place specified by authorities. Probably, authorities are afraid, what the militia will come over to the side holding a meeting and will support their requirements?

Let’s remind that meeting in Grodno has been planned by the Grodno entrepreneurs, representatives of political parties and public organizations in connection with a worsening position in the field of development of small business, a sharp rise in prices on municipal services, impoverishments of citizens. It was planned to make demands on clearing political prisoners of Belarus, the requirement on observance of the rights of citizens on freedom of meetings, assemblies, creations of trade unions, on reception of trustworthy information and many other things.

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