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November 25th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Valery Levaneuski has congratulated the main political prisoner of Belarus

Valery Levaneuski has congratulated the main political prisoner of BelarusOn November, 25th, 2007 to the candidate for Presidents, to the leader of opposition, professor A. Kozulin leaving on political grounds punishment in the form of imprisonment in colony -3, are executed 52 years. Former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski and his family have wished Alexander Kozulin happy birthday by the telegramme:

Dear Alexander Vladislavovich!

We wish you happy birthday!

We wish good luck, a sound health, fight spirit and good mood.

We hope that the following Birthday you will celebrate at home, in a circle of a family and people close to you.

Yours faithfully

Family Levaneuski

The note: Though the telegramme is sent 24.11.2007, condemned will receive it most likely, 26.11.2007 since mail on Sunday in prisons of Belarus give out seldom.

To The birthday man you can sent the congratulations letters, cards, telegrammes the next two weeks, and it you support the fighter for freedom of the Belarus people.

It is better to give preference to the telegramme since condemned will transfer the telegramme faster.

It is possible to send telegrammes directly from the house, having taken advantage of service «Reception of telegrammes by phone» in your city.

The address for sending of telegrammes, letters and cards:

To Kozulin Alexander Vladislavovich

Settlement Vitba, corrective colony-3, 1 group,

Vitebsk area, Vitebsk area 211300

220002, Minsk, p.o. 190 (A.Kozulin’s family)

The note:

The former candidate for presidents of Belarus Alexander Kozulin is thrown for a lattice for the organization of protest actions against falsification of presidential elections in Day of Will on March, 25th, 2006. On July, 13th the Minsk court has sentenced Alexander Kozulin to 5,5 years of imprisonment. In prison Alexander Kozulin has gone on hunger strike, demanding consideration of the Belarus question in the UN Security Council. The political prisoner starved 53 days, having lost more than 40 kgs of weight and irrevocably having undermined health. The courageous politician has achieved the objective – the representative of the USA has brought up Belarus a question in United Nations Security Council. Alexander Kozulin is recognized by “the International Amnesty» the Prisoner of Conscience.

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