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March 19th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus, The press about us

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To the Grodno entrepreneurs have not allowed to hold meeting on March, 25th

To entrepreneurs of Grodno it is given up in carrying out of meeting. One of initiators of action Valery Levaneuski has informed Belapan about this. Entrepreneurs of Grodno planned to lead on March, 25th meeting on which intended to make demands in protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, and also to support democracy, a freedom of speech and a freedom of assembly in Belarus.

«In the Grodno Executive Committee to us it has given up for the reason that ostensibly organizers cannot provide the order at carrying out of mass action. Basically, it is formal refusal as it was primary clearly, that meeting will not resolve under any pretext. Nevertheless entrepreneurs’ mood is like fighting, they are ready to defend the rights in any lawful ways “, – V.Levaneuski has told.

Enterprise structures of Grodno, according to V.Levaneuski, are measured to submit some more applications for carrying out of mass actions. ” Also we shall participate in all official celebratory actions, such as on May, 1st, on May, 9th, and we shall achieve the decision of problems of entrepreneurs”, – has declared V.Levaneuski.

On March, 25th entrepreneurs of Grodno are going to arrive to Minsk for participation in celebrating “Day of will. ” Certainly, at whom it will turn out will reach, – whom will start up “, – has noted V.Levaneuski. We shall remind, Valery Levaneuski in the morning on March, 12th has been detained by employees of militia on departure Grodno when went to Minsk for participation in meeting businessmen. Employees of militia have declared, that a minibus on which he went to Minsk, is similar to the car by means of which in Baranovichi building materials have been stolen. After check the car has been has been let off, and V.Levaneuski to Minsk has not got.

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