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March 22nd, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Post number 1 near Valery Levaneuski’s apartment

Post number 1 near Valery Levaneuski’s apartmentDay and night in Grodno along the street Limoges, near an apartment of the leader of opposition of Valery Levaneuski are on duty the armed employees of militia from special troops. Tenants of the house tried to find out from the person on duty on Lenin’s area police station of Grodno: “What happens and that protect day and night employees of militia about an apartment house. Can we help?”. The person on duty has informed that he does not know anything on this question. There were no incidents near this house, and the help of tenants is not necessary.

Valery Levaneuski assumes that the given post is installed in connection with the instruction of KGB of Belarus to not give an opportunity to the politician to take part in actions on March, 25th, 2007 in a Minsk.

Are, certainly, a positive in the organization of the given post of special troops.

First, the number of offences about an entrance was sharply reduced. In a court yard of the house it is usually noisy, and now there is a “death” silence, nobody sings songs and at all does not drink beer. Grandmothers about an entrance too do not sit. Even vagrant cats from territory of a court yard have disappeared.

Secondly, now everybody in Grodno knows where it is possible always and to find round the clock find employees of special troops for reception of the necessary help.

Thirdly, now all interested persons can take interview from employees of special troops without special problems since they do not hurry anywhere and can tell about interesting and a tough job.

As of 21.30 3/22/2007 about Valery Levaneuski’s house are two militia cars, about 10 employees of militia and people in the civilian about something briskly talk, even argue. Perhaps, the person on duty on a area’s police station on demand of tenants of the house has sent the order to understand with the suspicious phenomenon. The note: the post №1 in armed forces considers especially protected object.

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