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April 26th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Whether will A.Lukashenka visit library in Corrective Colony-22 “The Wolf Holes”?

Former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski has visited National Library of Belarus. It is remarkable, that creation of National Library of Belarus in a Minsk and creation of library in a corrective colony №22 “the Wolf Holes” in Ivacevichy’s area were conducted in parallel and in a competitive mode. In Minsk the head of the state initiated creation of library in 2002, in “the Wolf holes” political prisoner – Valery Levaneuski in 2004. The given competitions were won by library in corrective colony №22. The library in a colony has opened for some months earlier, than library in a Minsk.

It is possible to tell, that two politicians – “criminal” and “a victim of a crime” were engaged in the same, but in not equal conditions:

- For requirements of creation of library in corrective colony №22 Valery Levaneuski was exposed to the most severe reprisals from administration of corrective colony. He was deprived with appointments to family, placed in penalty insulator; he has been forced to declare hunger-strikes of the protest. After monthly opposition of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB and a management of a colony have understood, that Valery Levaneuski will not recede, and then have authorized for creation of library.

- In Minsk, on the contrary, reprisals could be against those who did not wish to build library or would prevent to this.

Forces of two “competing” sides were unequal. In a colony two persons, including the condemned Valery Levonevski were engaged in creation of library, in Minsk same all stat-e was engaged. Millions dollars, huge human and technical resources have been spent for creation of library in Minsk. In – co pecks of budgetary money, free-of-charge work condemned-volunteers. Updating of libraries too was carried out from different sources. In Minsk – due to the state, in a colony – by donations of families condemned, editions of newspapers, citizens, all those who has responded to Valery’s appeal about the help in updating library by the literature.

Certainly, there are essential differences of these two libraries, in their scales and grandness. Library of corrective colony-22 is in trailer, there do not spend press-conference with foreign journalists and meetings with the president, and library fund of a colony is within the limits of some thousand books. However, Valery considers, that he has outstripped the political opponent and in this business.

“It is simple to construct library, having unlimited authority and huge resources, and here try to construct library, being in colonies as condemned, without resources, testing counteraction of administration of a colony”, – the leader of entrepreneurs speaks.

In national library of Belarus now became on one reader more. The ticket of the reader №00058371 has been given out to Valery, and he with pleasure has visited extensive computer halls of library. Impressions of visiting library have remained the most good, and it not looking at all that in this library, as well as a colony it is impossible to carry by with itself the camera and a dictophone.

Interestingly and whether will visit A.Lukashenka library which was created by Valery Levaneuski in corrective colony-22? Levaneuski V.S. prepares for the corresponding invitation to the head of the state.

Valery Levaneuski has been condemned for the organization of a mass meeting and for the so-called insult of the President of Belarus by two years of imprisonment in 2004 and contained in various colonies and prisons of Belarus. But the basic term of punishment left in corrective colony-22. In the given colony there was no library though there should be under the law a library for condemned in a colony.

Proceeding from the theory of criminal law, A.Lukashenka on case passed as a victim though it those has not been recognized by investigation and court. The victim or on a slang “terpila” (injured) is a person who has suffered from a crime.

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