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November 19th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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«Silver wedding» of Levaneuski

Silver wedding of LevaneuskiOn November, 20th, 2007 in Valery Levaneuski’s family significant day – «Silver wedding». Valery and Marina are familiar from the first class. On November, 20th, 1982 two loving hearts have decided to create a family. In one and a half year the first son Dmitry, then the second – Uladzimir, then daughter Ekaterina and son Anton was born.

The life did not indulge a large family. Despite complexities and difficulties, prosecutions and provocations from the state – the spouse are happy. Children have grown, became worthy members of a society, Marina has successfully finished two higher establishments; Valery became the known entrepreneur and the top politician. Even separation in the form of two years of imprisonment of Valery Levaneuski (on so-called to “the Insult of the President of Belarus» with property confiscation) could not destroy a family but only have strengthened family relations between spouses.

The numerous relatives, three sonnies and sweet daughter congratulate Valery Stanislavovich and Marina Aleksandrovna on «Silver wedding». All wish them a sound health, family happiness, well-being and prosperity; it is a lot of grandsons and everyday pleasures.

To congratulate it is possible here or here.

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The note:

To the middle-end of XIX century in use of people it is well-founded celebration of anniversaries of weddings, or «calendar weddings» has entered. Today custom to celebrate them has extended very widely.
The first year of a joint life of a newly-married couple was celebrated as “print” wedding when the dress of the “second” day already had time to be worn out. Celebrating this date, it is accepted to give to the young wife a new print dress. This anniversary so is called also because the ordinary has already entered into a life of a newly-married couple, and they this day give each other print kerchiefs.
The fifth anniversary was called by “wooden” wedding. To this family date to spouses usually presented wooden ware or products from a tree for an economy.
On 7th from the date of wedding gave copper ware or copper jewelers ornaments. From here it is the name of this wedding – “copper” wedding. On copper wedding of the spouse exchange copper coins, as pledge of the future happiness.
Decade of spouses was considered as “rose” wedding. This anniversary spouses presented each other with roses. This day best men are invited, and all dance with scarlet roses in hands.
Fifteen years – is “glass” wedding. To spouses gave glass wares that a life and relations of spouses were light as glass.
The twentieth anniversary was celebrated as “porcelain” wedding, was given the china as from glass, presented five years ago, and already remains nothing. Entertainments to visitors were brought on new porcelain.
Twenty five years’ anniversary of a matrimonial life, perhaps, most magnificent family holiday in which spouses exchange silver ornaments, drink wine from silver cups, eat from silver ware. It is “silver” wedding. This anniversary all relatives gather. Myrtle wreath is replaced with the silver. Near to a gold wedding ring the silver is put on.
The thirtieth anniversary was crowned with “pearl” wedding. Pearl wedding – a symbol of that the expired 30 years of a matrimonial life were as a clue from 30 pearls. The husband this day gave to the wife a necklace.
The fortieth anniversary -is “ruby” wedding. The wedding ring this day is decorated by a ruby – a love and fire stone.
On “gold” wedding (in 50 years of a matrimonial life) very often gold rings are replaced new as the hands carrying their half a century have changed, and gold was used up.
Difference only in gifts: in one cases it is ornaments from pearls, in others – from a ruby, in the third – from gold.
And, of course, seventy-year anniversary from the date of family formation – “diamond”, or “thankful” wedding, on which spouses thank each other for happy destiny, and their children, grandsons and great-grandsons say toasts, give “thankful” gifts as a sign of gratitude and care of the seniors who have carried by love to each other through all life. “Diamond” wedding means, that anybody cannot terminate this marriage any more.
In some areas there are other calendar weddings, for example are also:
“Green” is a day weddings. Its symbol – myrtle leaves in a wedding wreath.
“Leather” – is three years.
“Zinc” – six and a half years. It reminds that on marriage, as well as on the zinced ware, it is necessary to direct luster from time to time.
“Tin” wedding is celebrated in 8 years. This day the brilliant kitchen utensils, for example, the form for pies, are given.
“Nickel” – twelve and a half years. It warns: do not forget to support shine of the marriage.
“Aluminum” – is thirty seven and a half years. It speaks about long and strong marriage.
“Iron” – is sixty five years.
“Stone” – sixty seven and a half years.
«Fertile wedding» -is in seventy years.
In seventy five years of love and fidelity of steam celebrates «crowning» wedding.
“Red” -is hundred years.
It is possible to tell about the last only: praise to that to them has lived in love and the consent.
In the heat of wedding somebody from visitors wishes young to note their silver and gold wedding.
However, you see, count on it all newly-married couple, but only those who will manage to carry by in years once the feeling which has connected their destiny can far not.
It is happy married couple which has lived in love and the consent a long life. It always caused and causes feelings of admiration and respect which long since it is accepted to express on silver and gold wedding.
Gold and silver wedding -are the major events in a life of several generations. Usually these weddings are spent in house conditions, as a family holiday, organized by relatives and friends. However, if spouse – people deserved and known it is far outside of the family their wedding anniversary can receive and a public resonance. The people connected with persons whose anniversary by long-term labor activity are connected to preparation of such celebration. But nevertheless, as a rule, wedding anniversary – it is family date. By tradition the celebration is prepared by the leader from relatives or specially invited дл for this purpose the person. Children, grandsons and great-grandsons are involved in preparation of such weddings persons whose anniversary. The Most significant for spouses event, as though a result of their happily lived joint life is, of course, gold wedding.


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