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October 24th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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The Parliament of Belarus has approved a bill about amnesty

The bill “About amnesty of some categories of the persons who have committed crimes” is approved on Wednesday by the House of Representatives of National assembly of Belarus. As the correspondent of “Interfax” transfers, as a result of amnesty from serving punishment can be released about 3,5 thousand condemned, including from places of imprisonment – about 1,6 condemned persons.

According to the bill, for the first time amnesty will extend only on condemned. If earlier persons fell under amnesty also, criminal cases concerning which are in manufacture of bodies of preliminary investigation or courts, nowadays clearing of the criminal liability can take place in the individual order under the decision of the head of the state according to his decree providing clearing of the criminal liability of persons, promoted disclosing and elimination of consequences of crimes.

For the first time also amnesty will extend on person who have completely compensated harmed by the crimes, a subject collecting from them on entered in validity to a verdict or other decision of court.

Besides according to the project, persons are released from punishment condemned for crimes, punishment for which is stipulated by the criminal law till 6 years of imprisonment. It is a question of preferential categories of persons – minor, pregnant women, women and the lonely men having minor children, pensioners, the invalids, sick of a tuberculosis, a HIV-infected, veterans of the war operations, participants of liquidation of consequences of accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, the persons, who have received wounds at discharge of duties during service without dependence from term of left punishment.

From punishment in disciplinary military unit, and also condemned to arrest without dependence the condemned persons who have left not less of one third of appointed term of restriction of freedom, imprisonment, a direction will be released from term of its departure. It concerns also condemned for separate heavy economic crimes: theft, swindle (except for the persons who have made these crimes in structure of organized group) and have left not less one thirds of appointed term of punishment.

At the same time, amnesty does not extend on persons to whom amnesty or the pardon earlier were applied and which again have made a deliberate crime. Besides it concerns persons, who are malicious breaking the installed order during serving the punishment, admitted especially dangerous relapse.

Amnesty will not concern also persons, with whom the death penalty by way of the pardon is replaced by life imprisonment or life imprisonment is replaced by the imprisonment, condemned to the life imprisonment, condemned for creation of the criminal organization or participation in it, or for gangsterism, and also the persons, declared in search in connection with evasion from serving of punishment.

In Belarus amnesty can be lead in the first quarter 2008 – by V.Naumov

In Belarus amnesty can be lead in the first quarter 2008, if till December, 1st the bill of amnesty will be approved by A Council of Republic and will be signed by the president. This was declared by Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov today in interview to journalists. He represented to deputies of the House of Representatives of National assembly the given bill, which has been accepted at once in two readings.

Vladimir Naumov has noted, that features which contain in the present bill of amnesty, is planned to distribute to all the following. Main from them consists that amnesties will be a subject only the persons who completely have compensated economic damage, rendered by the crime accomplished by them.

According to which all condemned , irrespective of weight of the committed crime, removes one year from term of punishment. Vladimir Naumov has explained, that it is connected with gradual one innovation which is refusal of norm, yearly reduction of quantity of the persons containing in places of imprisonment. So, if about 10 years ago such persons was up to 60 thousand person for today in Belarus in places of imprisonment approximately 37-38 thousand person contains.

In opinion of Minister of Internal Affairs, the present variant of the bill of amnesty is optimum, considering as interests of legislative citizens, and also condemned.

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