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April 19th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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The things withdrawn 3/12/2007 partially have returned to Valery Levaneuski

Today 4/19/2007 to the leader of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski were returned with the things withdrawn earlier. We shall remind, that in 6.30 3/12/2007 on a post of State roadworthiness inspection at departure of Grodno the car in which followed the former political prisoner on the meeting of entrepreneurs authorized by authorities in Minsk.

The car has been delivered in Internal Affairs Department of Grodno, everybody being the car have kept in Internal Affairs Department more than three hours and have released, but without things. The camera, a dictophone, a loudspeaker, the independent generator and many other Valery Levaneuski’s and Alexander Vasilev’s personal things which were in the car, have been withdrawn without an explanation of the reasons and appropriate registration.

About one month Valery Levaneuski’s correspondence with Office of Public Prosecutor and Internal Affairs Department on this question last. The first stage of correspondence is finished.

The answer from the Department of Internal Affairs Grodno of regional executive committee with the following content has come:

« I inform that under your application which has arrived in the Department of Internal Affairs of Grodno regional executive committee from Office of Public Prosecutor of the Grodno area, check is lead. In its course of infringements of legality in actions of employees of militia concerning you it is not established.
A things withdrawn during survey, except for leaflets, you can receive in Grodno Department of Internal Affairs (contact phone 797732).

The deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs chief MOBiSM I.N. Rybak »

Almost all things are returned to the proprietor of 4/19/2007 at presence of representatives of press.

There was a number of the obscure questions on which correspondence proceeds. In particular, there are on the sanction following questions:

1. Whether the Office of Public Prosecutor will raise criminal case concerning employees of militia

2. Who, when and why has recognized copies of the Valery Levaneuski’s reference to administration of the president of Belarus and Ministerial council ,that was in a bag, as leaflets and why them have not remote till now to the leader of entrepreneurs.

3. Whether Valery Levaneuski’s and Alexander Vasilev’s detention and withdrawal of prophetic 3/12/2007 will be issued properly

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