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March 11th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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“Your car is registered in stealing! And, since October, 2006″

Approximately at 12.50, at an exit from the house by employees of riot police had been detained Valery Levaneuski with family and Alexander Vasilev. The minibus with militia has partitioned off the roadway and has not allowed A.Vasilev’s car to get under way with a place. Employees of militia have examined the car, have checked up at all documents. On a question: “What is wrong?” has received: “The given car is in stealing, and, since October, 2006″.

Naturally, having understood, have found out, that it not that stolen car. All anything, but we already passed it. So employees of militia act for obstacles of departure of the car from Grodno.. Valery Levaneuski is convinced that on departure their city still has some times stopped on “anonymous” calls for a search. And by turns will. At first October area’s District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno, then Lenin’s area District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno, then District Internal Affairs DepartmentР on the Grodno area. Each District Internal Affairs Department usually holds 3 hours under the most different pretexts (a search for presence of the weapon and drugs, for a giving of explanations, etc.).

The command has probably arrived: to not let out Valery Levaneuski and Alexander Vasilev on meeting in a Minsk which is resolved by authorities and 3/12/2007 at 12.00 on Bengalor area will takes place. So it or not, will show time. Today entrepreneur have decided to not go any more in a Minsk

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