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March 21st, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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The leader of entrepreneurs has submitted the application to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Grodno area “about fulfillment of a crime by employees of militia”

Before submission of this application Valery twice, in writing and orally, addressed in Internal Affairs Department of the Grodno district executive committee with applications for granting the information on detention of him by militia of 3/12/2007 at following on meeting of entrepreneurs of what he was suspected and for what it was interrogated. Levaneuski V.S. insisted on the termination of illegal actions and on return to him illegally withdrawn at prophetic 3/12/2007.

The answer till now has not followed. Militiamen at all do not wish to make in the order established by the law reports of detention, an administrative offence, a search and withdrawal of things of Valery (the digital camera, a dictophone, the sound-amplifying equipment, the independent generator of a pressure, sanitary articles, etc.).

In this connection, the leader of entrepreneurs of Belarus and the former political prisoner has addressed to the regional public prosecutor with the application “about fulfillment of a crime” in which asks:

1. To check up legality and validity of refusal by employees of militia to Levaneuski V.S. in carrying out at his presence of examination of the things was in a car 12/03/2007

2. To check up legality and validity of withdrawal of Levaneuski’s things from minibus and refusal to give him corresponding documents of withdrawal of things.

3. To make officials of Internal Affairs Department of Grodno district executive committee reports of detention, survey and withdrawal of things and to send copies of these reports to address of Levaneuski V.S.

4. To check up correctness of registration of the report of withdrawal of things from minibus in this followed Levaneuski V.S.

5. To oblige officials of Internal Affairs Department of the Grodno district executive committee to return to Levaneuski V.S. all the things found out and withdrawn in a car.

6. To arrange public prosecutor’s reaction on non-admission in the further of the above described infringements of the law by employees of Internal Affairs Department of the Grodno district executive committee.

7. To inform Levaneuski V.S., what official reason has served as an occasion for his detention for the term of more than 3 hours?

8. To consider the problem on excitation of criminal case on the fact of illegal discharge of Levaneuski V.S. from an opportunity of presence at examination of his things in car and the subsequent withdrawal of the given things, and also creation of artificial obstacles in reception of these things and the documents connected with a search, detention and withdrawal. In default in excitation of criminal case, a copy reasoned decisions about refusal in excitation of criminal case to send to address of Levaneuski V.S

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