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March 24th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Power structures compromise present authority?

It’s round-the-clock proceeds protection of the house of Valery Levaneuski in Grodno. Since the late evening of 3/22/2007 special troops patrol cars and have replaced cars with people in the civilian. Near by 22.00 the post of special troops has replaced militias UAZ which have solemnly put before an entrance of the politician. Two more cars have put on perimeter, on departures a court yard.

So it stayed there till the morning. Since morning cars periodically changed. One militias patrol replaced another. In the evening of 3/23/2007 all has repeated. One depresses inhabitants of the protected house – all lamps on lampposts have suddenly ceased to work, and now with arrival of evening to a court yard there comes outer darkness. Who has switched-off illumination – remains a riddle. Though there is one explanation – work in an ambush demands darkness. With classical work of operatives you will not argue.

As inform news agencies, across all Belarus some days there are mass arrests and detention of representatives of opposition on a belonging to preparation of actions on March, 25th, 2007. Hundreds people are caused in militia and KGB. Who and what for forces conditions in power structures the authority are afraid of that – will show time. Surprises that fact, that authorities are afraid, probably, of several tens thousand holding a meeting. And it in spite of the fact that is available such huge army of militia, special divisions and “national” support. Such actions of power structures put under doubts of the statement of official propagation about support by the majority of the population of a present rate of the Belarus policy.

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