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October 9th, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Alyaksandr Kazulin has sent the letter from prison

In first half of October the family of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kazulin has received from him the letter. The correspondence is dated on 2of October. The politician complains that not all mail reaches to him in a colony. Also he states words of support of senior daughter Olga which recently has been discharged from work.

“Hello, my dears! – Alyaksandr Kazulin has written. – Materials from the Internet practically do not pass in general. Last time even the materials of seminar which has officially last in Minsk sent by S.Skrebtsom” Development of public control and monitoring of a situation in places of imprisonment in RB” have been brought, according to the act of their withdrawal, in quantity of 35 sheets, in the category forbidden to distribution to Belarus – abruptly, have how much become impudent, though, naturally, to explain, what they have found illegal or socially dangerous, simply can not… Also plainly can explain, on what basis of the notice under certified mails coming to me leave to the sender not behind my personal signature.

Dear Olya! Now you will see a life from different wrong sides and you will understand, that the majority fights for so fine, especially personal, that sinks in this bog, not allowing to itself to rise above, do not reflect and do not understand, that, struggling for general welfare, sincerely aspiring to it, personal becomes higher, and their world becomes wider … Concerning work is all precise reflection of that occurs{ in the country, – where that I want I turn back … Consult to lawyers, i think, that on all this arbitrariness of an eye to close is not good, but it is necessary to be prepared and bring an action against your managing director carefully. …

What is concerning package. At you always all well turns out, therefore everything as it is usual. I am for the present on dietary cookery. Garlic, it is desirable, more. Very much to me helps “Аctimel”. Transfer two more rackets and a set of tennis balls”.


Has put on weight 2 kgs.

The ex-candidate for presidents was visited in a colony “Vitba-3″ by lawyer Dmitry Gorjachko.

- The most important, that the daddy has put on weight, – Olga Kazulina speaks. – However, Dmitry Gorjachko has told, that the daddy still feels unimportantly. According to the lawyer, the daddy had even to address for medical aid and now he takes tablets for improvement of blood circulation.

Despite of bad state of health, mood at the father is good. He is vigorous and strong spirit. As to amnesty the father also does not count on it. Not such authorities we have…

Olga GRINEVITSKAJA “National Will”

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