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October 2nd, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Entrepreneurs will accept active participation in preparation and carrying out of the European March “For freedom” on October, 14th, 2007

Valery Levaneuski has called businessmen to accept active participation in preparation and carrying out of the European March « For freedom ». In Valery’s opinion, problems of development of small business in Belarus are closely connected with problems of all people, the general poverty and lawlessness of the Belarus citizens.

“Today all of us equally are not protected from an arbitrariness of authorities and only joint actions the civil society can achieve independent and the prospering Belarus. The authority not only is obliged to resolve the given action, but also should render any assistance in its carrying out”, – the former political prisoner and the prisoner of conscience has noted.

The European March «For freedom!» will take place in capital of Byelorussia Minsk on October, 14th, 2007. The idea of carrying out of the March was born in the Belarus civil society as reaction to the reference of the European Union to the government and people of Belarus “What the European Union can give Belarus”. In our country this document is known as «12 offers of the European Union “.

The purpose of the European March is demonstration of the European choice of Belarus people. Byelorussians wish to live in the rich and free country, instead of in the state of total lie and a deceit

The initiative of civil community on carrying out of the European March has received broad support of political prisoners, the leaders of opposition leading of political democratic parties, political movements, the nongovernmental and youth democratic organizations, civil campaigns, art workers, businessmen.

While the management of Belarus as a matter of fact does not answer offers of EU. Though results of last sociological interrogations lead by independent and state sociological services, testify that the majority of Byelorussians positively concern to adjustment of attitudes with the Europe, support the European vector of development of the country.

“The European March “For freedom” is a way to dialogue and the civil consent in Belarus. It is chance for democratic updating and economic blossoming”, – organizers of the given action consider.

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