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February 22nd, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Handcuffs for the child

On February, 21st, 2007 in Grodno in market “Crown” minor son of Valery Levaneuski who at the desire of the father distributed leaflets to entrepreneurs is detained.

We live in the state, where it is considered infringement of the law distribution of any information, which has not passed authorities’ censorship and where to put on handcuffs on children became norm. Adult people in epaulets, with the weapon, with the good salary, many with higher education, instead of struggle against criminality are compelled to be engaged in political investigation and struggle against the citizens, even with children. All it occurs against not stopping official propagation about a good life and absence of infringements of the rights of citizens in Belarus. Whether it is necessary to contain army of the militiamen which basic forces are directed on heterodoxy’s suppression?

21.02.2007 Grodno militiamen have caused a stir once again. Approximately at 18.00 on the child handcuffs have been dressed, the search is conducted and Anton under an escort has been delivered in Leninski District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno. The search and detention report was not made also to Anton’s parents did not stand out. The report of withdrawal of leaflets as has not been given out. Three employees of militia frightened by statement on the account as the juvenile criminal interrogated and forced Anton to give of explanations. On its request to make at least the report of a search and other documents connected with detention, he was refused.

Not found out there was a question, have for what purpose put on Anton handcuffs since according to persons who have spending detention, Anton behaved well and even has “voluntary” proceeded with them. Initial detention was spent by the chief of branch of protection of market” Crown “Filipchik Vladimir Stanislavovich. Though under the law to detain to the minor Anton they had no right. As the director of the market Evgenie Fedorovich has explained. (mob. 5226942) such rights the security guard the foreigner the general director of the market has given (the Foreign society with limited liability ph. 48-01-67) Nisanov Ilizir. To find a director it was not possible, and his assistant Isaak Manashirovich has explained (ph. 48-01-65), that all resolving documents on detention of children are in a protection service. The circle has become isolated. Security guards nod on the director, the director on the general director, and those on security guards. Probably, the Office of Public Prosecutor will answer on a question if foreign citizens can grant the rights to the protection to detain Belarus children on the Belarus earth.

The chief Leninski District Internal Affairs Department (ph. 79-70-40) has explained that handcuffs put on, probably for this purpose that he would not escape, and on Anton’s father the administrative report for distribution of leaflets by his child will be made. Application of handcuffs should be proved and be fixed in special magazine. Anton’s Father could not receive the information on legality of detention of the son and application to him спецсредств (handcuffs). As the person on duty on Leninski District Internal Affairs Department has explained application of handcuffs in magazine is not fixed.

Valery Levaneuski has raised the question about excitation of criminal case concerning persons spending illegal actions in relation to his son and does not lose hope, that the search report, the withdrawal report, the report of detention and other necessary documents will be made and given out parents.

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