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August 22nd, 2007. Posted in News from Belarus

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Strikes of entrepreneurs in Belarus are inevitable

Other question that will prevent them to spend authorities. Strike – this the most effective method of negotiations with authority which except for language of force nothing understands. To be or to not be for strikes of businessmen in Belarus? In press there are messages that strike it not a method of influence on authority and are necessary to operate with other ways. Whether so it?

Those who confirms, that strikes not the method of struggle for the rights is either the person near or working on law enforcement bodies. Strike always was and will be the most effective way of upholding of the rights and legitimate interests of people of work (individual entrepreneur) with employers (state).

Strikes of entrepreneurs in Belarus are inevitable, since it is natural reaction of citizens of Belarus to attempt to select at them property and to deprive with their family of means of subsistence.

Attempts to select property at businessmen will not stop, since it is basic policy of the present country leaders – to select all that it is possible to select under any pretext. Hence, strikes and other mass protest actions of businessmen are inevitable. The question consists exclusively who strikes who will organize also will prevent to this.

Valery Levaneuski has prepared a number of analytical articles, in which answers to many questions are given, including, why strikes are inevitable, why businessmen are pursued in Belarus how to protect themselves and the property from encroachments and many other things.

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