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February 15th, 2008. Posted in News from Belarus

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Political prisoner Andrey Klimau is unbound

«Andrey has called home, a tube took the daughter. He has informed that from the Mozyrsk colony he carries in Kalinkovichi. There he will plant on a train, and in the morning on February, 16th he will be in Minsk. He is more has had time to tell than nothing», – Tatsiana Klimau has informed.

Political prisoner Andrey Klimau is unbound also in the morning on February, 16th will arrive to Minsk. On it to the Charter press centre’ 97 has informed the spouse of political prisoner Tatsiana Klimau.

«All it is very strange, as today Lukashenka in Vitebsk has repeated, that we in the country ostensibly do not have political prisoners more, and I have lost any hope. News about Andrey’s clearing permeates me in joyful confusion. I do not find words. As his clearing is issued documentary I can not assume» yet, – has informed the spouse of the political prisoner.

Let’s remind, Andrey Klimau have arrested on April, 3rd, 2007 for articles published on the Internet. Concerning the politician criminal case under article 361 criminal codes (an appeal to overthrow or change of the constitutional system, carried out by means of mass-media) has been raised. On August, 1st A.Klimau has been sentenced to two years of imprisonment.

Earlier Klimau, active opponent Aliaxander Lukashenka, has spent 4 years in prison on charges in economic crimes, and also has been sentenced to 15 months of restriction of freedom (“chemistry”) for the organisation of street protest actions at date of will in 2005 year. “The international Amnesty” recognised Andrey Klimau prisoner of conscience.

In prisons of Belarus still there are political prisoners Aliaxander Kazulin, Aliaxander Sdvizhkau and Andrey Kim.

In a theme:

Clearing became “full unexpectedness” for Andrey Klimau. The oppositional politician has informed on it after the arrival on railway station of Minsk early in the morning on February, 16th to relatives meeting it, friends and journalists.

As has informed, A.Klimau, he did not ask the president about the pardon and does not plead guilty.

Let’s remind, A.Klimau has been released on February, 15th from the Mozyrsk corrective colony № 20 (the Gomel area) where served time on charge in “public appeals to capture of the government or violent change of the constitutional system with use of mass-media”. An occasion to charge of a steel of article of Klimau, published on a site The politician has been arrested on April, 3rd, 2007 and sentenced to two years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of a strict mode.

As has informed A.Klimau , him have released with the formulation “after the termination of term of punishment”. “I did not expect that will release me. I did not understand, that happens. I prepared to that in May, maybe, there will be a preschedule clearing. But after has read performance of the president before students (on February, 12th. – BelaPAN.) where he has told, that the question with political prisoners is closed, I have understood, that to us with Kazulin and Sdvizhkau shines nothing”, – A.Klimau has told.

According to the politician, the message about clearing has found him while he “drank tea with friends”. “Me cause to the chief of group and speak quickly to gather. I ask: that, where …” On a stage “, – answer me. Two workers of administration of a colony come. They have collected me quickly . And one of my friends says, that at this time stages are not present … I Come on a check point, and the chief of a colony informs me: the humane act of the president, you are pardoned, you are free. Receive your money, things, and home”, – Klimau has told.

According to the politician, the decree about his clearing has been signed by the president on February, 11th, and any conditions at clearing to him did not put.

“That I have been condemned under such article for the publication on the Internet is nonsense, it uncivilized, not in an European way, – A.Klimau has told. – Though, of course, I am compelled to recognise, that, probably, in something” have gone too far “. But we are in such condition when the power ignores not only opinions of people, but also own laws, therefore sometimes it is necessary to talk on the raised tones and somewhere to cross lexical norms of decency. We are in a condition of any permanent crisis of the rights, the rights of normal people to live in the normal European country”.

“I very much want, that Aliaxander Kazulin and Aliaxander Sdvizhkau left on freedom faster. It would be normal step on a way to normal dialogue of the power – not with the European Union or from the USA, and first of all with citizens of Belarus”, – the released politician has underlined.

According to A.Klimau, he still “does not feel himself free”. “I need to embrace the wife, children, to talk to mum, to meet friends, to walk on a native city, to send regards to all whom I know. Then I will feel free then it is possible to speak about plans for the future”, – A.Klimau has told.

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