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February 16th, 2008. Posted in News from Belarus

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Today Day of the Belarus solidarity

Today Day of the Belarus solidarityOn February, 16th in Belarus Day of the Belarus solidarity is traditionally celebrated. Throughout several years in our country and abroad there pass actions with an appeal to the authorities to release Prisoners of conscience and to stop reprisals against opposition.

Thanks to our solidarity, today already on freedom many political prisoners

In prisons of Belarus continue to be kept ex-candidates in presidents of Belarus Aliaxander Kazulin, journalist Aliaxander Sdvizhkou, youth active worker Andrey Kim. Actions with an appeal to their clearing will pass today in Belarus, in the European Union countries, the USA, Russia, and Ukraine.

Days of the Belarus solidarity pass 16th days of each month as a sign of solidarity with families of the political prisoners who have been subjected to repression, the oppositionists who have gone in Belarus and all who struggles for freedom and democracy in Belarus.

Let’s remind, that the initiative to spend Days of solidarity with Belarus was born after on September, 16th, 2005 in Minsk the police has dispersed the action in memory of the missing opponents Lukashenka and has taken away from its participants portraits of the gone politicians (people held portraits of the politicians Victar Ganchara and Anatol Krasousky who have disappeared in Belarus in hands, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs Jury Zaharenka and journalist Dzmitry Zavadsky) and national flags.

The note: the Human rights organisation «Freedom House» has presented the report «Freedom in the world». By organisation estimations, the number of “the free countries» has made in 2007 90, and it makes 47 percent of the states of a planet. Belarus, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are called among the most “repressive” countries.

The Belarus which has got to the list of the most repressive countries is noted in the report as the country where in prisons political prisoners contain, the principle of division of the authorities, a freedom of speech and a freedom of assembly is broken.

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