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Levaneuski Valery Stanislavavich

Was born on August, 15th, 1963 in Grodno in a large family, parents were born and live on Grodno area, the non-party, 1980-1982 service in the Soviet Army. is married, have four children, the honors pupil of the Soviet and Bulgarian Army, has with distinction finished Special vocational school, on a specialty mechanic of control equipment, 7 years worked as the worker, then the engineer, the entrepreneur, combined work with enterprise activity, candidate in master of sport on boxing, the aboriginal of Belarus, supports the independent sovereign state, for friendly relations, both with Russia, and with the West, since April, 1999 was repeatedly involved with various courts of Belarus in administrative arrests for a period of 15 days and property confiscations for the organization of such actions, as meetings, strikes, etc. in protection of the rights of citizens.

The politician. He was repeatedly put forward by the candidate on elections in local councils and republican authorities by petition of voters. In 2000 to Levaneuski, as well as to politicians all democratic and independent of the power, it has been given up in registration by the candidate of the House of Representatives of National Meeting of Belarus. To the same formal and far-fetched signs to it it has been given up in registration as the candidate in regional and city councils of deputies of various convocations.

The note: elections in any authorities in Belarus are rigidly supervised last 10 years by an executive power. Objectionable and oppositional candidates are eliminated by the selective commissions and courts at a registration stage to the most ridiculous signs: has not specified in the declaration on incomes a wooden toilet or has specified in the declaration the income sum for a year in pair rubles big, than tax inspection considers, etc.

Has own program of revival of economy of Belarus. Ex.-candidate for applicants for a post of the President of Belarus for elections in 2001.

Supports good relations with diplomatic representatives of the different countries, parliaments, state governing bodies. The participant of various international conferences.

The public figure. Headed the Grodno city centre of protection of the rights of consumers, the Grodno regional society on protection of the rights of tax bearers, the head of the Grodno information-legal centre, the chairman of the Belarus Trade union of entrepreneurs. The chairman of National Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus since 1996 on present time. All public organizations headed by Valery Levaneuski, are closed by A.Lukashenka’s mode on political grounds.

The organizer mass local and republican protest actions in Belarus against an impoverishment of citizens, with quantity of participants of actions from 100 to 220 thousand persons in 1996-2004.

The initiator of a series of charitable actions “our CITY” for the purpose of rendering assistance needy and to large families, children’s homes and other socially not protected categories of citizens.

Since May, 1st, 2004 it is arrested for the mass meeting organization in Grodno (which passed on May, 1st, 2004 on Lenin’s square in Grodno) with the requirement of resignation of the working president of Belarus). Was in detention centre of Grodno.
In a consequence on the criminal case raised by Committee of State security and Office of Public Prosecutor of the Grodno area, it is translated from detention centre in prisons of №1 of Grodno and he is condemned by court of Lenin area of Grodno by two years of imprisonment under item 368 p.2 the Criminal code of Belarus (“the Insult of the President of Belarus…”) with property confiscation. Served time in various colonies of Belarus.

Valery Levaneuski has been arrested on May, 1st, 2004 9.40 minutes at an exit from the house, forces of special troops and employees of public safety. This day Valery has urged the supporters to come on Lenin’s area and to tell that they think of this power and personally about A.Lukashenka.

The authorities have come to conclusion that if to arrest the leader protest meeting can not take place.
Not looking at that Valery Levaneuski was already in handcuffs in regional police station, meeting has taken place. More than 4 thousand persons on May, 1st, 2004 at 10.40 left on the area in of Grodno with posters and requirements of resignation of the working president of Belarus A.Lukashenka.

For the authorities it was a shock since the huge repressive machinery has given failure. People, having overcome fear, left on street. It was necessary for authorities to undertake something.

The authorities the decision to isolate Valery Levaneuski was accepted. In the beginning to it “distances” of 15 days of administrative arrest «for the organization of not authorized meeting on May, 1st, 2004 at 10.40 on Lenin’s square in of Grodno also have placed in detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department of Grodno.
On May, 5th, 2004 KGB by Management KGB on the Grodno area on request of the Grodno regional Office of Public Prosecutor had been raised criminal case onp.1 item 368 of criminal Code of Belarus (the insult of the President of Belarus). While Valery sat «a few days ago», the considerable quantity of searches at Valery’s all offices, houses, at the native has been spent. And even at unfamiliar people property withdrawal in search places has been spent.

Accusation in the insult of the President of Belarus has been brought to Valery Levaneuski, and the preventive punishment – imprisonment is selected. Such measure in Belarus is applied, as a rule, concerning especially dangerous criminals. So Valery Levaneuski 15.05.2004 of detention centre of October District Internal Affairs Department translated in detention centre of Grodno and then 18.05.2004 in prisons №1 of Grodno.

On September, 7th, 2004 the court of Lenin area of Grodno has sentenced Valery Levaneuski to two years of imprisonment, with punishment serving in a colony of the general mode. In a sentence it is underlined, that in a phrase «Come and tell, that you against that at your expense someone went to Austria to have a rest, ski, live happily», printed in a leaflet, the insult of honor and Alexander Lukashenka’s advantage contains.

The court also has decided to confiscate Valery’s property Levaneuski for the sum of twenty thousand dollars, and also all software developed by him estimated by Valery for the sum in two hundred thousand of Euro.

The property in the numerous boxes which transfer was forbidden for making out by report has been confiscated also. To Valery Levaneuski it has been given up in granting of properly issued inventory withdrawn and subsequently the property confiscated from it, and also its estimation. Participation was forbidden to adult members of a family of Valery Levaneuski at withdrawal and property confiscation.

Defining a kind and a punishment measure accused as it is told in a sentence, the court considered public danger of a crime, the person accused that, accused has not realized wrongfulness the actions, has not repented in a crime. Besides, on a residence, Levaneuski was repeatedly involved in administrative responsibility for fulfillment of the offences encroaching on the established order of management (repeated administrative arrests and property confiscations for peace meetings and demonstrations were applied). The court in the name of judge Demchenko D.V. on request of state accuser Panasjuka E.R., has come to conclusion, that correction and re-education accused probably only in the conditions of isolation from a society.

Valery Levaneuski is recognized by “the International Amnesty» the Prisoner of Conscience.

Valery Levonevsky “has stayed” from “a call to a call” in various prisons and colonies, including:
In prison of №1 of Grodno,
In pre-trial prison- 1 , Minsk,
In pre-trial prison – 6 Baranovichi,
In corrective colony-22 “the Wolf Holes” the Brest area, corrective colony-19 (Mogilyov).
In corrective colony-19 (Mogilyov).

To Valery Levaneuski it was forbidden to apply is conditional-reschedule clearing and amnesty. Repeatedly in colonies Valery was exposed to punishments in the form of a premise in punishment cell, deprivations of appointments, and also to tortures and mockeries, threats of murder from administration of state corrections with a main objective: signatures under public refusal of the political activity. To Valery it has been given up during all term of departure of punishment in the qualified medical aid and in medical examination.

Regularly to Levaneuski by a management of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB it was forbidden to get acquainted with materials of affairs about imposing on it of collecting during departure of punishment in the form of imprisonment. Courts of Belarus refuse to accept to consideration of the complaint from Valery Levaneuski, connected with imposing of collecting in correctional facilities, that also testifies to the state support of reprisals concerning political prisoners in Belarus.

He is released from a colony on May, 15th, 2006 in connection with the termination of term of departure of the punishment appointed court. In connection with the meeting Valery’s considerable quantity from a colony «the Wolf Holes» (Domanovo, Ivatsevichi’s area, Brest area) have been woken by administration of state corrections at night 15.05.2006 and is reserved on “first aid” Slonim where it is released on freedom is delivered in. According to a management of Penalty Executions Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs RB, Valery Levaneuski did not become on a correction way.


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