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Once again about strikes of entrepreneurs

December 8th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

In recent release of ISE (newspaper «the information Stock exchange») №50 (252) from 5.12.2002 in article «There is no exit … the Exit is nearby!!!» The next attempt has been undertaken, to understand problems of development of entrepreneurship in Belarus. Read more »

The reference to entrepreneurs

October 25th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

Dear entrepreneurs! Strike of entrepreneurs of Belarus, begun with October, 1st 2002 has ended. Many of you ask: “That strike has given? Why it has ended? What waits for entrepreneurs of Belarus in 2003? Why after strike has ended, the power needed to arrest chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski? Etc.” Read more »

The reference to the Assistant of the President of Belarus on economic questions to Tkachev Sergey Pavlovich

August 12th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

Entrepreneurs of Belarus left with the offer to cancel all planned changes in the legislation, worsening position of entrepreneurs, and to spend open discussion of the arisen problems with attraction of interested parties. Read more »

“Fights” on NTV. One zero in favor of Savik Shuster

April 16th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

12 April 2002 on NTV in program of Savik Shuster «Freedom of speech” inhabitants of Belarus could see A.Lukashenka in a role unusual to him. Till now on a national teleimage all saw it in a role of “the strict father» preaching to careless officials or in a role of all-knowing infallible “teacher” of instructions giving to everybody. Because in Belarus it is allowed to nobody to object A.Lukashenka, this transfer has caused special interest since all understood – in the Belarus spectator there will be not a typical monologue of A.Lukashenka  and bothered to all, but any discussion. Read more »

Seleznev’s resignation is dictated by time

March 30th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

We result the text of the post card of Valery Levaneuski to Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Read more »

Sanctions against Belarus or why foreign investors ignore A.Lukashenka’s “instructions” (analytical notes)

March 26th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

In the course of evolution of the human and development of a human society some have been developed the general for the majority of people of a norm of behavior. The scientist of ancient China Confucius (6 – 5 centuries B.C.) has formulated it so: «That you do not wish yourself that do not do to another». Unfortunately, in a life this principle far was not always observed, but it is a separate theme about which it is possible to speak infinitely. Read more »

What do we want?

June 3rd, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

I was born in this country, Belarus and I am not going to leave anywhere! I have here “roots”, hundreds relatives, four children. I and my children we will live in Belarus. I want, that it there was a worthy life, and will do all from me depending that all citizens of Belarus could live and earn in the country not worse than in civilized countries. Read more »

Entrepreneurs and a policy, the discussion beginning in the newspaper “National will”

June 1st, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

Dear edition of «National Will». It is pleasantly surprised by discussion opening on pages of your newspaper about a forthcoming role of entrepreneurs in the politician of Belarus. First of all, would like to thank authors of article «Abruptly the mister Levaneuski …» signed by Ekaterina Naumovich published in «National Will» №96 (1161) from 30.05.2001, and also newspaper edition for the bulletin “Employer”. Read more »

The project of the reference of A.G.Lukashenka about renunciation of the power

May 3rd, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

We suggest familiarizing with the project of the reference of Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenka to the people of Belarus which to the president is offered to read at congress 18.05.2001. Read more »

Rats… Who has started to buy up an “independent” press? Or how much now conscience?

April 18th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

Such questions arise, when you read the information about yourself on site of BBN (the Belarus Business Newspaper). We quote: In due time Levaneuski has begun activity as the trade-union leader of entrepreneurs that has collected in the Grodno wholesale market payments on 10 dollars from the entrepreneur. Read more »


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