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Valery Levaneuski: It is necessary to invite both the president, and opposition to Prague

April 11th, 2009. Posted in Interviews, News from Belarus, The press about us

Valery Levaneuski: It is necessary to invite both the president, and opposition to PragueValery Levaneuski`s opinion on question about who should represent Belarus at the summit of “East partnership» which will pass in Prague on May, 7th, to correspondent

-What do you think about the possibility of Belarus inclusion in the program offered by the European Union “East partnership”?

I support the idea that Belarus always would take part and will be presented on any events. Another question – who will present it? If only one person of president I don`t agree with it. I do not take him as the head of the independent state. I maintain the fact that Europe helps us to be designated as the independent state. Read more »

Whether there is a trust between the population and courts, Office of Public Prosecutor, militia

October 28th, 2008. Posted in Interviews

Prison, photo levaneuski.orgWhat kind of relations there are between the population and courts, Office of Public Prosecutor, militia, whether there is between them a trust, understanding? Former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski does not nourish the hope, he says, that all are influenced by position of these institutions. “Courts are not independent and Office of Public Prosecutor also. All depends on its “highness” plan, the human destiny interests nobody, the statistical reporting interests”. Read more »

Valery Levaneuski: “January is just a beginning of protest actions”

January 4th, 2008. Posted in Interviews, News from Belarus

“Most of entrepreneurs of Hrodna have supported a nation-wide action of protest of market vendors. “Tsentralny” market is almost empty, less than 40% of trade outlets work in “Paudnyovy” market. Nobody sells food at the both markets. However, January is just a beginning of protest rallies of entrepreneurs,” one of the leaders of entrepreneurs’ movement, a former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski told. Read more »

“Money of entrepreneurs will go to presidential fund for which activity anybody never reports”

October 24th, 2007. Posted in Interviews, News from Belarus

The president of Belarus has signed the decree 527, in conformity with which businessmen will direct indemnification for the damage put to historical and cultural values, to presidential fund. One of leaders of enterprise movement Valery Levaneuski considers an innovation as the veiled tax and does not exclude a new wave of redistribution of the property. Read more »

Valery Levaneuski: «This year we will spend more than ten actions»

March 6th, 2007. Posted in Interviews

The Belarus information-analytical Internet newspaper. On March, 5th in Minsk adjusting conference of association “For free business” on which participants have discussed a plan of action on the near future has taken place, and entrepreneurs prepare for national strike on March, 25th. With the leader of Strike Committee, former political prisoner Valery Levaneuski talks correspondent of Read more »

V.Levaneuski: “I want my children to live in the normal country…”

December 14th, 2006. Posted in Interviews

I am the former political prisoner condemned in 2004 for 2 years of imprisonment for «the insult of the President of Belarus» to formal, far-fetched signs though a principal cause why I have been arrested, and it is then condemned is an active oppositional activity and, in particular, meeting which has been organized by me and my assistant Vasilev. Read more »

Valery Levaneuski: «Administrations of colonies are a smithy of shots of underworld»

May 30th, 2006. Posted in Interviews

Chairman of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus Valery Levaneuski has spent two years to colonies of the general mode for the public insult of the president of Belarus. On May, 15th it left on freedom and is firmly convinced of necessity of basic changes of system of punishment for our country. Read more »

Valery LEVANEUSKI: «In a zone me named “the president”, and have once accepted for thieves’ authority».

May 24th, 2006. Posted in Interviews

After a biennial finding in prison “for the insult of the president” there is on freedom a Grodno’s leader of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs Valery LEVANEUSKI. The correspondent of “National will” is talking to him. Read more »


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