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In the afternoon – the commission, at night – the prostitute and gangsters sits (pre-election passions)

August 12th, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

That elections 2000 in Belarus on 90 % will be forged by the authorities at anybody from sane people does not raise the doubts. The question consists only in studying of scales and falsification mechanisms. Some stages it is the mechanism we will try to sound. Read more »

Once again about results of national Belarusian congress for independence of Belarus

August 1st, 2000. Posted in Author's articles

On August, 1st 2000 in the newspaper «Soviet Belarus» Katya Prjanik has placed article under the name: «On the nitty-gritty of politics not all kettles cook». She refers to my article, devoted to congress «For independence». From this article follows, that Valery Levaneuski, is the ardent supporter of the present president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka. Кatia has chosen from my article only separate words and citations. I will try to clear up. The policy who spends A.G.Lukashenka, will lead to a full impoverishment of the people of Belarus and to loss of its independence, it is antinational on the essence. Considered and consider, that A.G.Lukashenka should retire, as not consulted with the duties and not executed any pre-election pledge. Read more »


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