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The spouse of Levaneuski has deserved a title «Ms. elegance» (photo)

March 7th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

The spouse of Levaneuski has deserved a title «Ms. elegance»The spouse of the applicant for a post of the President of Belarus, Marina Levaneuskaja, has deserved a title «Ms. Elegance». Read more »

The answer to MP article in BG

March 6th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

5.03.2001 in BG article of Michael Podoljak (MP) «Who is is guilty?» was published. I respect opinion of any journalist, I consider, that the journalist has the right to the point of view on any question. By the way, Michael Podoljak, in my opinion, writes quite good analytical articles. That this serious journalist in given article has fallen before frank misinformation, distortion however is amazing for the facts and attributing to me of nonexistent intentions. Read more »


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