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About carrying over of terms of national protest actions of entrepreneurs

April 25th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

Outlined national strikes of entrepreneurs will be: one-day – 26.04.2001 and term less about 1.05.2001 are transferred on 18.05.2001 and 1.06.2001, accordingly, for following reasons. Read more »

Levaneuski with all family is arrested

April 24th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

In village Semenovka, Grodno area (Berestovitsa), near to a cemetery, by the disturbing-search boundary group, approximately at 15.00, had been arrested Valery Levaneuski with all family. Levaneuski has arrived to remember the relatives buried on a local cemetery. The chief of a frontier post Zhukovets Andrey Nikolaevich supervised over arrest. Read more »

Rats… Who has started to buy up an “independent” press? Or how much now conscience?

April 18th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

Such questions arise, when you read the information about yourself on site of BBN (the Belarus Business Newspaper). We quote: In due time Levaneuski has begun activity as the trade-union leader of entrepreneurs that has collected in the Grodno wholesale market payments on 10 dollars from the entrepreneur. Read more »

Indications against Levaneuski are recognized by false. The mechanism of black and dirty technologies.

April 13th, 2001. Posted in Author's articles

10.04.2001 court of Lenin area of Grodno the decision is accepted on a recognition void the data extended by Grodno organization РOMO «Civil forum» as early as concerning Valery Levaneuski on 29.05.2000 Moral harm is collected from the given organization which will be transferred to the charitable purposes also. Judicial suit lasted almost year. Read more »


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