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The closer elections, the more often searches (photo)

August 11th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

The closer elections, the more often searches11.08.2001 at 15.20 in Volkovytsk by operative group of Volkovysky District Internal Affairs Department, the strengthened employees of traffic police, have been detained Valery Levsneuski with the family. The car on which Valery Levsneuski moved, under an escort, accompanied by several cars, with included flashing blinking beacon light, has been delivered in District Internal Affairs Department where the careful search of contents of the car has been conducted. At detention cars without special recognition symbols have been involved also. Read more »

Driving licence is withdrawn from V.Levaneuski on the gas station (photo)

August 5th, 2001. Posted in News from Belarus

5.08.2001 Valery Levaneuski filled the car at a gasoline station about market “Zhdanovichy”. The car of state traffic police has approached and Levaneuski have suggested paying the penalty. It appears on a filling station it is impossible to stop – there is a sign on a roof. How it is possible to refuel not stopping? Valery Levaneuski has sent the statement on this question which text sees more low. Read more »


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