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Seleznev’s resignation is dictated by time

March 30th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

We result the text of the post card of Valery Levaneuski to Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Read more »

Sanctions against Belarus or why foreign investors ignore A.Lukashenka’s “instructions” (analytical notes)

March 26th, 2002. Posted in Author's articles

In the course of evolution of the human and development of a human society some have been developed the general for the majority of people of a norm of behavior. The scientist of ancient China Confucius (6 – 5 centuries B.C.) has formulated it so: Ā«That you do not wish yourself that do not do to anotherĀ». Unfortunately, in a life this principle far was not always observed, but it is a separate theme about which it is possible to speak infinitely. Read more »


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