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Discharge from power Sadam Hussein corresponds to the state interests of Belarus

March 27th, 2003. Posted in Author's articles

On the night of Thursday, war of the USA and the Great Britain with Iraq on March, 20th has begun. War is malicious, it is death of people, it is always bad, and nevertheless, it has begun. In war, as a rule, each of the parties considers itself right, here and now, in statements of belligerent parties opposite estimations of this military conflict are given. Read more »

In Belarus new protest action of entrepreneurs «the Campaign in Parliament» is declared

March 16th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

Decision of Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus from March, 16th, 2003 in Belarus declares new protest action of entrepreneurs «the Campaign in Parliament». Read more »

The statement of leaders of enterprise movement of Belarus

March 14th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

More than hundred thousand entrepreneurs in thirty cities of Belarus have taken part in strike on March, 12th. Actions under the general slogan “For the best life” have passed in Mogilyov, Gomel, Borisov. On March, 12th in Minsk there has passed demonstration under social slogans in which have taken part more than five thousand persons. Read more »

National March «For the best life» (photo)

March 12th, 2003. Posted in News from Belarus

National March «For the best life»On March, 12th, 2003 there has passed the National March «For the best life». Feature of the given action consisted that in the given action along with traditional organizers of such actions incorporated enterprise structures have acted. Including Strike Committee of entrepreneurs of Belarus, Regional Public Organisation “Private property”, Republican association “Prospect”. More than half of gathered people on meeting were entrepreneurs. In total on not authorized meeting on areas of Kolas has gathered more than 5.000 (five thousand) the person. Read more »


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